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Sharks captured during a wildlife photography tour

Nature and Wildlife Photography Tours in The Kimberley

 The Kimberley covers an area of 423,517 square kilometers it’s about twice the size of England and the state of Victoria. It has a population of around 40,000 and that makes it one of the least populated places on earth

The Kimberley coast runs for some 2000 kilometers up to the Northern Territory Boarder. The coastline is dotted with around 2000 small islands offering endless opportunities for exploring. The geography is varied with deep rocky gorges limestone caves and waterfalls, rocky plateaus dominated with open woodland and rocky escarpments. Small pockets of remnant rainforest are still visible making the landscape experience remarkably varied. The shore line is dotted with mangroves and it’s home to the region’s top predator, the salt water crocodile. Our tours will give the opportunity for  nature and wildlife photography as the region has an amazing variety of bird life in a wild and natural environment. Australia is a safe destination for traveller's and the Kimberley offers a unique opportunity to experience a true wilderness environment with the back up of our guiding team and our Air , Sea and land logistics.

The Kimberley has 2 seasons a Wet and a Dry. The Wet season is typically from November to April and has day time temperatures around 33c however it’s not uncommon for the minimum night time temperature to be around the low 30s that combined with very high humidity can make for hard going physically and mentally. During the wet season we receive monsoonal rains which inundate the region and make for amazing photo opportunities as storm sky’s dominate the landscape. The Dry season typically runs from May to October and is hot during the day around 30c with low humidity and cool nights this offers opportunities to explore areas that are not easily accessible in the Wet.